The Facts

Statistical data on CACs across the nation is collected by the National Children’s Alliance. The below information is from Colorado CACs in 2017. View the full report here.


Fig. 1

Relationship of alleged offender to child.

92% of children knew their alleged perpetrator while only 8% did not.

Fig. 2

Age of children at first contact with center.


Under the age of 6.


Between 7 and 12 years old.


Between 13 and 18 years old.


Fig. 3

Types of abuse reported.


While the statistics show almost 6,000 children were seen at a CAC in 2017, we know there are more children seen at law enforcement centers and even schools. Child advocacy centers play a very important role in helping children get the support and services they need. The neutral, unbaised forensic interview allows a child to tell their story one time while the multidisciplinary team observes, preventing re-traumatization of the child.